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Helping Your Child Find Purpose

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Who am I? Why am I here? What can I be?

Good answers to these questions are vital to the healthy development of all people, but especially children, as they provide meaning to their lives. Some say finding meaning may be the greatest need and most difficult achievement for any person.

Parents are the ones primarily responsible for helping children answer these questions, but your child’s teacher can help or hinder these efforts. The teachers at Genesee Country Christian School are in a unique position to help children find these answers. Who are you? A child of God. Why are you here? To know, love, serve and glorify Him forever. What can you be? Whatever God has called, gifted, and enabled you to be.

Does your child’s school provide the answers you want for your child?  If not, we hope that you will consider a Genesee Country Christian education for your child. Parents interested in learning more about enrolling their Pre-K through 8th Grade student(s) at GCCS can contact the school office at (585) 243-9580 or via email at info@GeneseeCountryChristian.org.

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